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The score after tonights debate..

McCain - 1
Obama - 0

Obama made G.W. Bush sound like fucking Kelsey Grammer. I've never heard so much stuttering in all my life.

It doesn't matter anyway, since I'm a Libertarian, Bob Barr's still getting my vote.

The definition of insanity - trying the same thing over, and over again, and expecting different results each time. We've been electing the same 2 parties, over and over again since the 1800's. The Republicans and Democrats have done nothing but given us empty promises. And if you think electing another Democrat or Republican is a vote for "Change", you're  wrong - just more of the same empty promises. The 2-party system is dead.

RIP - Fuzzy Bear (1992-2008)

Had to put my 16 year-old cat to sleep, this afternoon.

Lung cancer. It had spread so bad, that his lungs filled with fluid.

This morning he could hardly breathe. He also couldn't even muster the strength to stand under his own power.

Took him to the vet. They showed me the X-ray - it was pretty bad. I walked out the door, fighting tears, telling them to go ahead and put him to sleep, but I can't watch.

I scratched his head one last time, said goodbye, and kissed him on the head, between the ears. He died at 1:38pm while I was sitting in the waiting room.

I've been bawling uncontrollably for about 4 hours, now. I can barely function.

I miss you, already, Fuzzy Bear.
I loved you very much. At least you're no longer in any pain.
Performing a friends list purge, immediately.
Today is carbon belch day.

To celebrate, I'm leaving on all my computers, at my apartment.

All my TV's.
All my video game consoles.
I'm going to drive around town, for no apparent reason.
I'm even going to start exhaling harder.

Fuck Al Gore.


May. 28th, 2008

Nobody's gonna answer, but I'll ask, anyway....

Is Firefox crashing like a sonofabitch on your computer, as well? Mine seems to be crashing every 10 minutes, since the last update...
Gen-X'ers, or anyone born after 1972...... We're all FUCKED.

We can thank the Baby Boomers for giving us the fist up the ass, without so much as a reach around.
GTA4 kicks so much ass, it's sickening.

My character is sitting in the strip club, getting a lapdance to Goldfrapp's "Oh, La, La". Not to mention, it comes with a real, honest to god, lockbox, to er..... keep things in.

Yeah, thats the ticket... THINGS.
Why the hell can't I find Peach Nehi anymore?

I need one..
Okay. I now officially declare the American public, stupid as shit.

MTV is currently running a "presidential debate" entitled Choose or Lose on all 3 networks.

First off - if you get your political advice from MTV, you're a moron. Plain and simple. MTV runs programs for the 10-17 year old demographic. 99% of the audience isn't even of voting age, to begin with. Just feeding a bunch of immature, naive, idiots some more propaganda, I guess...

Second off - Hey MTV Networks.... Last I checked, America has a TWO PARTY system. Having a debate with only Democrats shows a huge bias, and makes you look even less credible. Every debate you've ever ran has been democrat only. It's called "pandering", which is exactly what Obama and Clinton are doing. Republicans at least have sense enough not to pander towards a crowd who could give a rats ass less about politics, to begin with. Not to mention, as I previously stated, most people who watch MTV can't vote, anyway.

Fucking idiots.